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Differences between testosterone boosters

In shops selling nutritional and dietary supplements for athletes you can find many boosters. Beginners often wonder about the differences between various preparations, so you should pay attention to the most important differences between boosters.


First of all, boosters differ in terms of the components used during production. Reviewing commercially available preparations it can be seen that many of them are created on the basis of creatine. Creatine is a very important substance for athletes, because it allows muscle cells to provide energy, which is necessary to achieve good results during training. However, the use of creatine should not overdo it, as it was mentioned above already. For this reason, manufacturers of nutritional and dietary supplements for athletes also offer a wide choice of non-creatine products. These are preparations created on the basis of mix of arginine, branched chain amino acids, citrulline, plant extracts and glutamine.

Boosters differ also in terms of time they should be used. Such formulations are categorized as pre-workout and post-workouts, what also was mentioned above already. This assignment is associated with different action of both preparations.

Of course, it’s only the main differences between currently available boosters. In order to select the ideal product for you, please read the description of each product in this category carefully.

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