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The most popular boosters

Many athletes choose to use boosters, because of the associated benefits. Large selection of this type of supplements makes, however, that some people have a problem with an ideal choice for themselves. So it is worth paying attention to those boosters that have gained the most popularity.

Users appreciated mainly pre-workout booster called Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy. This formulation which contains creatine, as well as many other ingredients that are important for the athlete’s body acceding to training. It provides maximum stimulation and increase strength, which is essential during workout. After using it, muscles become highly pomped with blood.


Another place belongs to the preparation by the Ultimate Power, Horse Nutrition- X. It is pre-workout booster with creatine. Carefully selected composition of eleven ingredients makes the formulation providing stimulating, energizing, strength and ensures maximum muscle growth during physical exercises. One component of this booster is a beta-alanine, which helps to buffer muscles.

The third place among the most popular boosters is Carnotrix. This formulation is for use before workouts, and contains precursors for the synthesis of carnosine and nitric oxide. It is recommended especially before intense workouts that result in significant acidification of the body. Carnotrix effectively blocks this process.

Of course, these are only three of many boosters training that are worth recommending to all athletes.

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